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Team Hovey

In the Fall of 2015, as Chuck was recovering from a stroke, a group of friends got together to figure out how we could help Chuck and the winery. We pooled our talents and have jointly purchased an interest in Hovey Winery. We take an active role in business operations, production and marketing. Team Hovey is committed to honoring Chuck’s memory by continuing to produce wines in his signature style – wines that he would be proud to bear the Hovey name.

Susan - Knower-of-all-things-Hovey, Keeper of the Books. Energetic, passionate and thorough she keeps the business humming. Susan has been involved with Hovey Winery since the very beginning.  
Laura - Writer of Emails. Creative, organized and chatty she gets the word out and keeps in touch with our members. 
Rick - Deliverer of Wine. Hands-on, inquisitive and often under-dressed he looks after the grapes before and after they’re in the bottle. 
Bob - Tracker of Licenses. Brilliant, detailed, and not afraid of bureaucracy he does all the paperwork so we can stay in business. 
Brian - Seller extraordinaire. Knowledgeable, charming and one of Chuck’s best friends; he sells the heck out of our wine. 
Peter - Jack-of-all-trades. Helpful, handy and resourceful he does whatever needs to be done, and then some.